Frequently Asked Questions


Can I attend a CTA event before I become a member?
Yes! There are Premier member only events as well as public events. You are welcome to attend our public events and can do so by purchasing a ticket. For these events, community members receive a 10% discount, and Individual and Premier members receive much greater discounts.

Can I change my membership plan mid-year?
Yes, you are welcome to upgrade at any time! Please contact us at 303-592-4070.

Can you tell me how much my renewal will be so I can put it in the budget?  
Click here to see the current Premier Corporate membership plans. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Do I have to be a member to sponsor an event?
No. However, sponsorship rates are discounted for our Premier Corporate members. Also, Premier Corporate members who sponsor are eligible for additional benefits if their total annual investment exceeds $12,500.  Please contact 303-592-4070, to learn about CTA’s annual investor program.

Do I have to pre-register for CTA events? 
Yes, registration is first-come, first-served and many of our events sell out please visit our events page for further information.

Do I have to be a member to be a volunteer for CTA?  
Our volunteer opportunities are fabulous and often highly sought. We give first choice to Premier and Individual members and open up to the public any left unfilled.

How can I advertise with CTA? 
Many of our sponsorship packages include levels of advertising. Please contact 303-592-4070 or to learn more.

How can I engage with CTA? 
Attending a CTA 101 event is a great place to start! We hold this once a month and you are welcome to attend as many as you would like. You can find the next 101 listed on our events calendar.

How does CTA protect my privacy?
We will not share any of your information with any third party.

I am a startup, do I receive any type of discount? 
Absolutely, our Individual or Team membership plan is designed with the startup in mind, a great low price with discounted access to events.

I want to attend the VIP events, how do I access them?
Attendees for the VIP events vary yet are generally limited to investors, premier corporate senior executives, sponsors, speakers, etc. For more details, please call 303-592-4070.

Is it possible to buy a bundle of tickets?  
No. As a nonprofit, CTA works to keep costs low and quality high, passing the savings on to members. There is no limit on how many tickets a company can purchase at their discounted prices.

We are a small IT department of a Colorado HQ company. Our employee count is huge, but our small department can’t get a top level membership approved. What is our best choice?
We encourage you to speak with a CTA membership representative to discuss your options.

We don’t have any employees based in Colorado. How much would we pay?  
If you have no employees in Colorado yet want to promote your company in Colorado, please contact CTA to review your options.

How do I learn more about sponsorship opportunities?
Please contact us at 303.592.4070.

What is CTA’s cancellation policy?
Memberships are paid up front for one calendar year and are non-refundable. Event tickets canceled 24 hours before an event are eligible for a partial refund.

What is the savings on the events?  
Discounts range from 30% off to free retail pricing.

What is the benefit of purchasing a membership plan?
See the full list of member benefits here.

We only have a few employees in Colorado and they are all work remotely with no physical offices. Which membership tier is right for us?
We recommend a Team membership.

What is the best membership plan for a government agency or nonprofit?
We usually recommend the Individual or Team membership plan. Please contact to learn more.

What is the best membership plan for a technology teacher or student? 
The Scholastic individual membership plan would be best. Please contact to learn more.

What options exist for individual membership? 
See the Individual membership plan.

How do I register for the CTA newsletter?
Please follow this link to register.